By Joseph Mahowald – [email protected]

and Kyle Olson – [email protected]

Hello friends and welcome back to another edition of the Brew Log. We are building off of last week’s article where we highlighted a Johnnie brewery, Fulton Brewing Company.

This week we ventured about 20 miles south of campus to Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annandale. Although Annandale is a town of only 3,289 people, they have some great brews that rival the beers coming out of big cities breweries.

Two Johnnie and one Bennie graduates are on the team that runs Spilled Grain.

We are taking a different approach to this week’s article and are sampling a few of Spilled Grain’s beers from their wider selection. They offer quite the variety of beers and in-depth information about the brewing process.

We hope to provide an example of all that Spilled Grain has to offer and the impact Johnnies and Bennies are having on the craft beer revolution.

007 Spy-PA (English IPA; 6.2% ABV, 56 IBU)

Spilled Grain tried its own twist on the traditional English IPA, giving this beer a name that even Daniel Craig would be proud of. This beer highlights the recently released 007: The Golden Hop.

The Golden Hop gives this beer a nice citrus flavor while not overpowering the malty notes given to it by its English yeast and British malt.

It’s a smooth and flavorful IPA. The lack of overwhelming hop flavor and a nice malty backbone makes this a beer that would be a great introduction to the style for anyone not familiar with IPAs.

As big fans of IPAs, we both agree that the 007 Spy-PA not only has a cool name, but has some good flavor that makes this a beer we would pick up again.

Small Town SMaSH (Single Malt/Single Hop Pale Ale; 5.9% ABV, 37 IBU)

This beer has very similar tastes to the 007 Spy-PA, with a strong malty aftertaste. There are some citrus flavors that are recognized after being sipped but they are quickly replaced by the smooth malty notes of the beer.

The Small Town SMaSH is not overpowering, but a lighter Pale Ale that is easy to drink. While it’s IBU content is not as high as the 007-Spy-PA, there are subtle hop flavors that can be detected. This beer is very similar to the 007 Spy-PA because of their malty and hoppy overtones.

Raspberry Red (American Red; 6.2% ABV, 23 IBU)

The Raspberry Red is a very fruity beer and this can be detected from the very first smell. Spilled Grain uses over 20 pounds of fresh raspberry puree during the brewing process to create this refreshing brew.

With its rich red coloring, the Raspberry Red is an inviting beer and it has an abundance of flavors, from sweet to savory fruit flavors.

This is the first true fruit-infused beer that we have tried and we were pleasantly surprised by its taste and complexity. We highly recommend this beer for anyone who is adventurous, you will not be disappointed.

Bearded Man (Old Ale; 7.8% ABV, 38 IBUs)

Malty, complex and flavorful are all words that describe this beer. The Bearded man is a great Old Ale and we aren’t the only ones who hold this opinion. Spilled Grain won the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Gold Medal in the Strong Ale/Old Ale category.

The contest takes place annually in Bend, Oregon which judges beers from all over the county in almost every beer category imaginable. The Bearded Man has robust flavors with strong rich aromas of molasses and caramel. This is a stronger beer that is heavier than the other beers we sampled at Spilled Grain, but its complexity adds so much to each sip.

Spilled Grain also won a Silver Medal for their Baltic Porter. Spilled Grain was only one of three breweries in Minnesota to win an award.

Eve’s Forbidden Fruit (Hard Cider Graft; 5.9% ABV, 12 IBU)

Spilled Grain has also branched out to experiment with new beer inspired drinks. Eve’s Forbidden Fruit is a hard cider that is made with a 20 percent beer base. It tastes like a traditional cider and has a crisp, refreshing taste to it.

When smelled there is a faint scent of beer, but it is an inviting mixture of cider and beer that Spilled Grain has created.

All in all, Spilled Grain has a large selection of beers on tap, 14 in total. They also have spacious, rustic looking tap house that is a perfect spot for watching a game, hanging out with friends or just enjoying a tasty beer.

Based on what we tried, we’re very impressed with their brews and the atmosphere of their tap house and plan on coming back.

If you’re ever in the area or looking for something fun to do we recommend checking them out. They have something for everyone.