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Transition into new registration process to begin

Many changes have been implemented at CSB/SJU regarding the registration process and will affect students in the registration process.

As fall 2014 registration approaches, administration and faculty are working to ensure a smooth transition into the next semester.

One of the biggest changes of the year is switching academic registration to take place before housing registration. Students now have to be fully enrolled in order to register for housing.

“You can’t live at St. John’s if you’re not a student but you can be a student at St. John’s without living there, so you really do need to make sure that you have your academic schedule first and that it’s settled,” said SJU Dean of Students Michael Connolly.

First-year MacKenzie Flickinger understands that finalizing schedules is important, though she says that she often runs into students who face difficulties when planning the next semester’s schedule.

“Some people are really driven,” Flickinger said. “They can sit down and get that dealt with, but some kids have no idea what they are doing but they also don’t know where to look for resources. I think that it’s just like making sure that kids know where to look and what to do.”

Flickinger recommends using programs like ATLAS planner and Degree Works to make sure that everyone is on track.
If students have holds, however, they cannot register. Part of the reasoning for the switch is to encourage students to take care of these holds.

“We thought that switching registration might help motivate or prompt people who otherwise would have just delayed getting it taken care of,” said CSB Dean of Students Jody Terhaar.

This has proven to be true but it makes it even more important to confront the holds immediately.

“Our sense is that if the students head into the offices, address what the holds are, the likelihood is that they are going to be able to resolve those holds at the Registrar,” Connolly said.

“The other piece is that there could be extenuating circumstances and that a student really needs to just come forward and then work with the individuals of those offices. There could be a case where a student needs a waiver and that they may not be able to get a hold resolved right away. The secret is that people have to be up front and communicate.”

If students don’t have any holds to worry about, the question arises of what classes to take. Underclassmen like Flickinger are often starting to think about the future after CSB/SJU. Flickinger was unsure of what major to pursue, but after some time professors guided her to a solution.

“I was really encouraged to go for computer science so I finally just got that all registered,” Flickinger said.

Although there have been dramatic changes to the way students participate in registration, the overall results have been positive.

“I think that it was an incredibly smooth transition considering it was a pretty significant change and really I think that it was due in part to the planning that was done and the fact that it wasn’t something that it was rushed into,” Terhaar said.

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