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Minn. Math & Reading Corps

Dear Editor,

As May soon approaches, there is one question that many of you may be hesitant to answer. “What are you doing after graduation?” As a senior, I recall dreading this very question because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do nor could I give a straight up answer. While I was studying abroad in South Africa, I had the opportunity to serve at two township schools empowering students to succeed. I fell in love with teaching and knew I wanted to embody service and education somehow into my post-graduate plans.

After exploring many options, I found the Minnesota Math and Reading Corps to be a perfect fit for me. Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps are AmeriCorps State programs that provide targeted tutoring using research based interventions and strategies. Minnesota Reading Corps tutors work with students age three through grade three who are below reading proficiency or at risk of falling behind. Minnesota Math Corps tutors work with students in 4th-8th grade who are struggling with math.

I am serving with the MN Math Corps at Edward Neill Elementary in Burnsville, MN working with 4th-6th graders. My duties include implementing a prescribed mathematics intervention curriculum and conducting progress monitoring assessments to ensure students are on track to reach proficiency in math. I teach students in pairs, which allows me to get to know them on a personable level as well as give them the extra attention they need to succeed. It brings me joy that I had some part in developing their math skills as they continue on in school.

My service with the Minnesota Math Corps has been a rewarding experience and has solidified my vocation plans in becoming a teacher. The Minnesota Math and Reading Corps is a great opportunity for aspiring teachers or individuals interested in giving back to their communities. The yearlong commitment offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in many children’s lives as well as the chance to grow both personally and professionally. So for those still pondering post-graduation plans, consider a year of service with the Minnesota Math and Reading Corps.

The application for the 2014-15 school year is open now. Go to or to apply. Or if you would like more information on either program, email

Ryan Longley
SJU senior

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