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How much does it cost to skip class?


Students question the real cost of not attending a class period. | Photo: Steven Lilley/Creative Commons, edits by Michael Terhaar

Every college student hears the importance of attending class on numerous occasions.

At CSB/SJU, the attendance policy is up to the discretion of the instructor. However, the average amount of money lost missing class may have students regard their attendacnce with higher priority. The estimated cost of a class for a Johnnie is $119.46, while the cost of a class for Bennies is roughly $123.29.

For many students, missing class can be a two-way street: it provides relief when ill or overloaded with tasks, yet it also can be an unused expenditure and a loss of information.

The Nursing Department embraces a strict policy on attendance.

“Most of our policies say that students can miss two days of classroom or clinical. After that, it starts impacting their grade,” Nursing Professor Rachelle Larsen said.

“We have patient safety and those kinds of standards that we have to adhere to,” Larsen said. If students are missing those classes, a lot of times they miss that information that helps keep their patients safe. It’s an important thing to be in class, but we also understand that life gets in the way.”

English professor Mike Opitz has an additional take on classroom attendance.

“I put down that I have an attendance policy, but I don’t adhere to it very strongly,” Opitz said. “I don’t like the factory surveillance model of education. At least I know if you’ve been here or not, so it does have a determining factor on your grade.”

Opitz also offered a perspective for the future.

“You’re not going to be able to miss your job that often,” Opitz said.

Cost is an important factor throughout the college experience, and can have an influence on the decision of whether or not to skip class.

“I think about the cost per class, and how much money I wasted if I don’t go,” said sophomore Angela Bathke.

“I don’t pay for my college; my parents are paying for it, so it doesn’t directly affect me as much”, said sophomore Daley Rupar.

“I don’t consider how much it costs, because we have all these different things on campus that are being paid with that cost,” said junior Shawn Tangen. “I’ve just never really agreed with the thought process.”

Academic Dean Richard Ice stressed the school policy on tuition costs.

“We charge for an overall academic experience.” said Ice. “It costs students not to do their homework, so showing up to class unprepared is a cost.”

Opitz also weighed in on the academic experience in relation to classroom attendance.

“I think learning is the most important thing. There are a million opportunities for learning in college, and class is one of them.”

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