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The secret life of a fifth-year student



There is no doubt that Bennies and Johnnies are in love with CSB/SJU, but only a select few get the opportunity to experience an extra semester on campus.

This December, 65 students will graduate from CSB and 57 students will graduate from SJU. Some of these students are enrolled fulltime, some are part-time and some are not enrolled at CSB/SJU at all. Those who are not enrolled at CSB/SJU will transfer 8 or less credits from another institution to complete their degree at CSB/SJU.

Julie Gruska from the Registrar’s Office says regardless of what December graduates mean CSB/SJU remains a leader in graduation rates,” Gruska said.

“We have a very high graduation rate of 81% for CSB and 77% for SJU. Of those that do graduate, over 90% do so in 4 years or less. Some of the December degree candidates choose to stay an extra semester in order to do an extended internship, student teaching, study abroad or complete a 2nd major/minor/or complete additional grad school prerequisites.”

Although some 5th year students live off campus and Gruska says all students, regardless of standing, receive the same advising and tools to graduate.

The Michael Kuhlman, Matthew Scherber, Caitlin Goodman and Pablo Zapotecas are four fifth-year students on campus this fall.

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