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ROTC program is a great opportunity

We are writing in to invite all CSB and SJU Sophomores to attend an information meeting that could change your life. It did ours. On Monday the Nov. 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the basement of Guild Hall we will be giving a briefing on the Leaders Training Course also known as LTC. Come and enjoy some free food and drinks. You will be able to shoot on our Engagement Skills Training range and receive detailed information on LTC and ROTC in general.

LTC is a great experience and will provide you with elite training that will separate you from your peers. We encourage sophomores and interested freshman to attend our open house.

LTC or leaders training course is a 28-day program that focuses to compact the two years of military science class into an intense learning experience. First you will learn the basics of military customs and courtesies and are trained by experienced military personnel. You will experience the life of a soldier and be trained in land navigation, rifle marksmanship, repelling, squad tactics, and water operations including the maneuvering of the Zodiac combat vessel. Sure the intention of the Leader Training Course is for you to join ROTC upon completion, but it is also a great learning experience that you attend with no obligation. You receive elite leadership training and build confidence in leading others. LTC teaches you not only to trust your own abilities but also to trust and form a bond with other students from around the nation.

As a senior (Patrick Wold) looking back on the experience, I enjoyed every part of this camp. I started off unsure if the military life was for me and this experience provided me the opportunity to realize that the military life constantly challenges you and allows you opportunities that no civilian will ever receive. This experience all started with a bus full of civilians not sure what was waiting for them, and ended with highly motivated civilians. Everyday brought more information, more training and another obstacle. My favorite experience was conducting squad tactical operations, which allowed me to learn basic military tactics. I was able to lead a squad consisting of 14 individuals in a squad attack armed with paintball guns against trained infantry soldiers. Three full days of paintball! It was hard work but in the end, I received a full scholarship for school and will be commissioned this May as a 2nd lieutenant in the United States Army.

“It challenged me (Devin Nanik) physically and mentally every day, it taught me to rely on my fellow cadets as much as I rely on myself to accomplish tasks within our team. Prior to LTC I had no clue a person could learn so much in 4 weeks. It was an experience that solidified my decision to accept a scholarship and become a member of the Fight Saints Battalion and SJU ROTC.”

We look forward to seeing you at the briefing Monday!

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