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Bashar Al-Assad: A mama’s boy

Bashar al- Assad is supposedly a mama’s boy. I know; we could not believe it either. This alleged fact has been brought to the public attention because of the increasing tension is Syria.

If you’ve turned on the TV recently or read a newspaper in the last week, you are certainly aware of the crisis in Syria. While reading, you have probably asked yourself: what would possess someone to use chemical weapons against his or her own people? Well, we have been asking that same question. In addition, we believe it is important to investigate who is influencing Bashar’s thinking and ultimately how and in what direction he takes Syria.

There are many possible answers to this question; however, upon further research, we discovered that the Assad family is a close knit conglomerate. The head of the family, Anisa (Bashar’s mother), has the final say in every decision made. I’m sure we can all personally attest to the fact that mothers most certainly have a unique kind of influence over their children, and there is no exception for this family.

In the Assad family, Anisa has been a part of the inner political circle ever since her husband rose to political power many years ago and her role has changed little during her son’s presidency.

This raises the question: who really is in power? To us, it seems as though Anisa is, pulling the strings of Bashar therefore, using him as her puppet. However, recently, she and Bashar have rarely agreed on which direction to take Syria. In light of the initial uprising, some say she advocated for even stronger action against the protesters, according to a report in The Economist from February of this year. Also, according to a Reuters correspondent in an article in the International Business Times, Anisa was disappointed in her sons for the mess that they have created. In the same article, the correspondent states that Anisa pressed them to find an exit strategy so they don’t meet the same fate as Gaddafi and his sons. Note: Gaddafi was the former president of Egypt recently overthrown by the military.

As if the story wasn’t already full of twists, in January, Anisa fled to Dubai with some of her family due to the increased violence. Despite the physical distance between her and her son, Anisa likely remains an influential figure in the Syria’s political sphere.

Will Bashar be influenced by his mother? We say yes. Why? because Bashar al-Assad is a mama’s boy.

So we pose this question to you: who really is calling the shots?

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