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WeCar loses funding

Next year’s senators led the meeting on May 1.

CSB senior Thalia Thurston presented on behalf of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) for nationals to Kansas City.

The group recently traveled to Chicago and was crowned regional champions. The proposal was to take 15 Bennies that included two leaders and four presenters.

SIFE allows students to gain hands on experience through practice and teaching the principles of free enterprise. It deals with business ventures that are either for profit or non-profit organizations. She explained that this was the first time the group has made it this far and considered it as a once- in-a-life time opportunity.

The group asked the Senate for $1,281 to send the students to the convention. There was discussion among the senators in which they asked SIFE if they can decrease the costs and the number of students attending to four Bennies. SIFE in return explained that in addition to the four senators, there are two additional group leaders for their presentation.

Both Senate and SIFE agreed to send six students to Nationals and the motion passed to allocate $960.80 for the event on May 21-23.

Next, CSB senior Tu Tran proposed on the WeCar program. The program recently went through a branding and marketing change from WeCar to Enterprise Car Share. The program has been available to all students and faculty since 2011.

“The reason why this car is important on this campus is because it provides a solution for students without cars. With the program, there is a 24 hour hotline and the car is always parked in front of Gorecki. Additionally, a benefit of this car is that gas and maintenance is already paid for,” Tran said.

With the WeCar program, students are able to save an estimate of 30 percent and do not have to register for a permit or insurance. E-Scholars have estimated that it is about $1,000 a month to keep it on campus in which Enterprise pays half. Changes for next year include transitioning from a Prius to a Ford Focus and increasing marketing within admissions, residential life, athletics and experiential learning. The pledge to cover the year of 2013-2014 is $4,500.

Senators were concerned with the funding of an additional year because CSB/SJU students use the LINK to go into the St. Cloud area. Statistics showed that there were only a grand total of 65 individuals who use the program which is a rise from the previous years. The senators chose not to allocate to the WeCar for next year.


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