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We bid adieu to our horoscope guru

Maddy O’Brien

This year, the CSB/SJU community has been lucky to have a horoscope guru on campus. As the year comes to a close, however, we must bid adieu to our horoscope guru. Referred to as the “Student of Zodiacal Forecast,” senior Alice Closmore has written weekly for The Record, creating unique horoscopes based on certain dates.

Closmore, a senior natural science major, has been writing horoscopes for The Record since the fall of 2012.

Closmore described her original interest in writing horoscopes for The Record.

“In my early years as a Bennie, I often used horoscopes as a phrase in my mornings for reflection,” Closmore said. “Inspired by other oracles’ words, I became interested in how they create and read horoscopes.”

Molly Horton, a close friend of Closmore’s, talked about her involvement with horoscopes.

“Alice’s insight into the stars really helped to guide my week,” Horton said.

As the end of Closmore’s undergraduate student career grows closer, the famous horoscope writer’s dreams are turning into reality.

“After graduation I plan to travel the rivers of Northwest Ontario as a canoe guide with the Keewayein Foundation,” Closmore said. “From sun up to sun down, I will be teaching the young women the ways of traditional tripping styles of the Anishinabe.”

Closmore explained that she will be leading a 43-day canoe trip. This trip is claimed to be the oldest canoe-tripping camp in the world.

“I grew up paddling the waters of Norther Minn. and I have learned that when we are presented with challenges, we learn to solve problems and think critically,” Closmore said. “This is how I want to inspire these girls (at the Keewayein camp).”

As finals rapidly approach for the CSB/SJU community, students may look to Closmore’s horoscope section for a source of inspiration and motivation.

Closmore wants students to take her predictions with a grain of salt.

“Related or not, I want my horoscopes to serve as a reminder to pause and think. To inspire mindfulness.”

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