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Rethink meal plan prices

Dear Editor,

As a rising junior finally getting to select my meal plan for the first time, it has come to my attention about how outrageously priced our options are. The continuous plan we were forced to have as underclassmen was ridiculous at $5,000 per year, and the fact that you get stopped trying to take a banana back to your room is even worse. Looking at the punch/flex options for next year makes me even more frustrated. Other colleges that I am familiar with through family and friends use meal plans to offer a reasonably priced option to eat on campus for a college student’s budget. At CSB, the 3 punch/flex options are 75, 50 or 25 punches per semester that each come with $125 flex. Doing simple math, you can calculate that it costs $10.74 to punch with the 75 plan, $11.24 to punch with the 50 meal plan and $11.00 to punch with the 25 meal plan. Not only does that barely offer a price reduction to eat a Gorecki ($12.00 for lunch/dinner), but it is a MAJOR increase to eat at McGlynn’s which is about $6.50 to get a burger, fries, and a fountain drink. For those prices, it would be less expensive to eat out at a restaurant every night of the week. Back to Gorecki: If you purchase $12.00 of food at a typical restaurant, you get a large amount of food, typical more than the average woman can eat in one sitting. Typically, a woman eating at Gorecki will not take that amount of cafeteria food, so it is ridiculous to charge that amount for a meal plan or a single punch, and that is assuming you use all of your punches at Gorecki, not McGlynn’s. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am just tired of forfeiting all of my money for ridiculous reasons to an institution that hasn’t impressed me in the slightest in the past two years. Take what you want, it just seemed like something to look in to.

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