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Red Horse


| Courtesyt of Fine Arts Programing



With the school year drawing to a close, Fine Arts Programming is offering students the chance to see Red Horse, a new group in folk music. Red Horse will present their very first self-titled collaborative album at 8 p.m. tonight in Stephen B. Humphrey Theater at SJU.

Singers and songwriters John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson and Lucy Kaplansky each had successful individual careers before deciding to form Red Horse in 2010. The folk music “supergroup” has teamed up to create an album that covers each of the individual artist’s songs as well as cover old folk favorites.

Brian Jose, the director of Fine Arts Programming at CSB/SJU, picked Red Horse to perform because he thought that the students and the large crowd of folk music lovers in the central Minnesota area would enjoy the talented group.

With tickets selling quickly, Red Horse has proven to be a popular show. Jose believes that the individual talent of each member comprising Red Horse contributes greatly to the group’s overall success.

“All three of the artists in Red Horse are well-known, major folk artists in their own right. If you have an interest in folk music, then this is a chance to see three leading proponents of the art form,” Jose said.

Leslie Hanlon, another member of the Fine Arts Programming staff, agrees that this opportunity is one that folk music lovers do not want to miss.

“It will be a fantastic experience for folk music fans as well, as people who enjoy great songwriting,” Hanlon said.

The group’s beautiful acoustic harmonies have drawn in fans from around the country. Because of its diverse members, Red Horse’s songwriting influences include that of Los Angeles, Texas, Minnesota and New York. This mix of inspirations is what Red Horse is known for.

Jose also stressed that the group’s entertainment does not stop at the music.

“These seasoned performers include a lot of wit and humor in their shows,” Jose said. “It’s a really fun show.”

After enjoying the performance, audience members will also have the opportunity to meet Gorka, Gilkyson and Kaplansky at the post-performance Replay reception.

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