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Keep on adapting, CSB/SJU

The first time I came to CSB/SJU four years ago, it was an August afternoon, and it was 70 degrees. I was wearing a Columbia coat and mittens. See, where I’m from, 70 degrees is winter, and no one should be showing skin. Needless to say when it hit the 60’s last week, I broke out my summer dress and frolicked around, running through meadows of nonexistent lilies tanning all day long. If anything, I can be proud that I adapted and tell all my relatives that if your snot does not freeze when you walk outside, you really should be in shorts and a tank top.

To adapt is to survive, and many times over the years, I have had to adapt to situations and people. Many times, like numerous senior Bennies and Johnnies, I had to work hard and fight for what I wanted and the thrill of getting that scholarship, that part in a play or a date with that crush never gets old. I don’t have to tell you how many great opportunities are available at these schools, but I do have to remind you that if you do not work, nay, if you do not fight for them, they will not land in your lap. At times, you will apply for a position and not get it, you will ask her on a date and she will say “ummm no” but as they say, “the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.” So yes, take a chance, sleek your hair back like Elvis Pressley and go to her dorm room with a boom box on your shoulder. If you never ask, the answer is always no.

So if there is anything I want you to remember as you continue your journey here or wherever life may lead you, it is to adapt when necessary but if you can’t, form your own path. Write your own story and others will adapt to your ways. With the weather in MN, I could never do that because the winter is basically “adapt or die” but now, when I go home, I will wear a dress in what they think is “the dead of winter” and not die. I have formed my very own Minnesota resistance, one that I will carry all life long. So adapt, be the adapter but never, ever keel over and die.

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