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The best athlete ever?

Weeks ago, Lance Armstrong announced that he was giving up, and he accepted the charges of doping against him.

OK. Seriously dude? You have now been lying for 14 years, and you just decided that now you are going to tell the public the truth and then be stripped of your medals?

The first thing I ever learned about lying was once you lie, stick to it. Was Lance just so riddled with guilt he could not take it anymore? Give me a break. Why did you lie in the first place, dude? Better yet, why did you dope?

Lance, you just showed everyone that drugs are what make you great, not working hard and believing in yourself. You said you doped to “level the playing field.” Does everyone need to dope to compete with the best?

Do not try to tell me, Lance, that the guilt finally sunk in and you regret lying and cheating your way to being the greatest American sports hero. If you are going to lie, keep doing it. Give the American public something to hold on to.

Who are we supposed to look up to? Who can we hang on our walls now and say, “I want to be like this guy when I grow up.”

Is this really a role model for kids? “Kids! Take lots of drugs and cheat your way through life so you can make lots of money and get really famous!” I don’t think so.

As an athlete since grade school, I can tell you two things I know for certain — sports are about the process and sometimes you have to put the team first. Whether you finish first or last, at the end of the day, if you love it, does it really matter? If you take drugs, you are not doing something because you love it and you are not putting your team first. You are doing it for the money and fame. Thank you, Lance, for turning my ideals into a travesty.

Look at one of my greatest heroes, Galen Rupp. A few weeks ago Galen Rupp almost set a new American record in the indoor mile. He ran a 3:50 mile. A 3:50 mile. The record is 3:49. His 200-meter splits were 29 seconds. Most sprinters who only run one 200 cannot even do that. He did it eight times. He is not on drugs. He runs a lot, sleeps even more and eats extremely well. That is his ticket to success. Galen wants to win, but he realizes winning doesn’t mean jack if you haven’t earned it honestly.

I was rooting for Lance. I really was. I wanted him to be the Greatest. Athlete. Ever. Not a doper. When people made fun of Lance, I backed the guy. I said, “Hey, look at what he’s came back from. Think of the number of times he’s been tested. There’s no way he’s doing drugs.”

Lance, I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Your confessions have made winning meaningless. And to all those other athletes doing drugs, your life is a lie and you’re a joke. Your accomplishments were a joke. You have made all professional athletes a joke. Find another job.

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