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Seniors – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

While we are disappointed about the lack of communication on all ends, we support the administration’s decision to uninvite Sammy Adams for 13 Pines.

We were initially excited to have a hip-hop artist visit campus, especially one of Sammy Adams’ renown, but when we watched his video clips, we were instantly appalled at his treatment of women. His lyrics point toward a crude and sexualized view of women and his music videos feature long body shots, disembodied close ups, and little-to-no focus on women’s faces.

Thanks to our liberal arts education, we can see the effect that media plays on the ways that Bennies and Johnnies interact with one another. Because of this, the portrayal of women in the media is too important of an issue to pass off as simple entertainment.

We’ve heard many of our peers asking for more community involvement in the decision process for campus music festivals and would hope that the vast majority of those peers would actually choose to promote respect, rather than celebrate misogyny.

The progressive spirit that founded and sustains these institutions suggests that we thrive as a community only when we uphold values like dignity, hospitality, stewardship, justice, moderation, and peace.

We’d rather cancel our senior music festival than allow one entire half of this campus community to be disrespected.

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