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SBS debates allocation for Speech and Debate Team

The St. Ben’s Senate turned out the lights at its latest meeting for Campus Conservation Nationals.

The Senate met on March 6 to discuss Campus Conservation Nationals, a medical amnesty policy and the allocation of money to the CSB/SJU Speech and Debate team.

Campus Conservation Nationals is a national program that promotes energy conservation over a three week period. The Senate honored this program by turning off the lights and not printing agendas at this week’s meeting.

“We want to make (students) conscious of their energy consumption and encourage conservation,” Sustainability Representative Stephanie Pinkalla said.

The Senate then turned its attention to a motion to sign the resolution put forward by the Minnesota Student Association to show support for a medical amnesty policy.

“It’s a great thing but is not something we should formally approve,” Vice President Meghan Simmet said.

The Senate voted one in favor, 14 in opposition and one abstaining. The motion was not passed.

Next, the Senate added a motion to allocate $750 to the speech and debate team.

After much discussion, the Senate voted to amend the amount three times, eventually agreeing to $344.

The Senate uses a “two-thirds” guideline, in which the senate will pay for two-thirds of the total travel amount for a club’s trip, according to President Riley Johnson.

The speech and debate team previously requested money from the Co-Funding Board, but due to increased plane ticket prices, needed more money. The $344 added to the previous allocation fulfilled the two-thirds precedent.

“It is worth it to have three Bennies represent us,” Club Auditor Kellie Siembieda said.

Other senate members expressed concern over how other clubs who did not receive funding would react to the allocation.

Ultimately, the motion was approved with 11 in favor, four in opposition and one abstaining.

The next St. Ben’s Senate meeting will take place at 5 p.m. on March 13 in Gorecki 120.


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