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Celebration jewelry sold at bookstore

Bennies of the Class of 2013 will have a once in a lifetime opportunity this spring to purchase the first collection of Saint Ben’s jewelry.

The Sisterhood Collection, now on display in the bookstore, includes rings, necklaces, earrings and many other unique items for soon-to-be graduate students.

This collection is the first of its kind at CSB. Previously, rings and other jewelry were provided through an outside organization, and sales were relatively low. Based on last year’s student poll, the new jewelery is expected to have a positive reception and the CSB Bookstore staff has already heard many positive comments about its look.

“The Sisterhood Collection will offer students and alumni the opportunity to purchase jewelry which will immediately identify them as Bennies,” CSB Bookstore Buyer and Business Coordinator Kari Harren said.

The inspiration for the new collection initially stemmed from inquiries about the Saint Ben’s Academy rings. Starting nearly three years ago, staff and administration began to work on the design based on these pieces.

“People would ask, ‘Do you have these?’,” CSB Bookstore Manager Tina Streit said. “We decided to modernize the academy rings for CSB students.”

Modernization of the original academy rings included giving the collection a touch of class and professionalism. CSB Bookstore staff and student employees mentioend the jewelry embodies what it means to be a Bennie and emphasizes the togetherness and tradition in the CSB community.

Administration and staff involved with this project have high hopes that the collection will become a part of the Bennie tradition.

“The jewelry is timeless, it will last forever,” CSB Bookstore Student Manager Emily Boeckmann said. “It’s a great way to commemorate our experience at CSB.”

2013 graduates are not the only group that will have the opportunity to purchase items from the Sisterhood Collection. Alumnae who attend the all-class reunion in honor of the St. Ben’s Centennial year in June will also have the chance to purchase class jewelry that they may not have purchased when they graduated. The CSB Bookstore also encourages current students to purchase the items.

“If I had graduated last year, I would have waited to purchase jewelry from this collection,” Boeckmann said.

The Sisterhood collection is unique because it will maintain the same design and style throughout the years, although Bennies will have the ability to customize their jewelry with their year of graduation if they choose.

Seniors have received brochures about the new collection in mailings regarding Grad Finale.

Seniors who purchase jewelry will also have the opportunity to participate in a blessing ceremony during the Senior Dinner on April 28, and Vice President of CSB Student Development Mary Geller hopes that the Blessing Ceremony will also become a part of the CSB graduation tradition.

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