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To shave, or not to shave

Fall is in full swing at CSB/SJU. Along with the leaves changing, the weather cooling and plenty of victories from both Blazer and Johnnie athletes, another tradition is gaining momentum on campus.

No Shave November is a time of self-expression; a time when Johnnies and Bennies have an excuse to grow out all the facial or leg hair they can muster within 30 days. As it has gained popularity, “No Shave” has yielded a variety of reactions across St. Ben’s and St. John’s.

“It’s a really good time. A lot of people get together and have competitions on the floors. I’d say it’s most fun when you can actually grow a beard,” St. John’s sophomore Craig Gemmill said.

St. Ben’s first-year Anna Skemp also approves of the custom.

“I think “No Shave November” is very funny. It is a definite challenge to women to overcome feeling self conscious about leg hair,” Skemp said. “I give props to those who can pull it off.”

Despite what many may think, not all Johnnies and Bennies are thrilled with “No Shave”.

“My first impression is ‘gross’. I think it’s an excuse for guys to appear more masculine,” St. Ben’s junior Erin Wissler said. “But I think a lot of guys can pull off a bit of scruff. I’m just not into the whole ‘Jesus beard’ thing.”

St. John’s first-year Paul Park is not excited about November’s tradition either.

“I think it’s kind of gross, but it doesn’t really bother me,” Park said. “If guys and girls don’t want to shave, more power to them.”

Neither Park nor Skemp will be participating in “No Shave.”

“No Shave November” is not just for personal satisfaction — it has been known as a way to raise awareness for cancer.

“I think turning “No Shave” into a cancer awareness project is wonderful,” Wissler said. “It is great to take something seemingly disgusting and turn it into something beautiful.”

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