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St. Ben’s Senate Update

The St. Ben’s Senate ran into some problems as they debated allocating funds to the Blazer volleyball team this week. The volleyball team is requesting funding for a bus to transport fans to their NCAA regional tournament at the University of St. Thomas on Saturday. The team representative did not know how much the bus would cost and did not request a specific amount of money.

“It’s a little difficult to discuss funding if we don’t know how much it’s for,” senator Meghan Simmet said.

The senate rose to the challenge, however, and debate ensued. Public Relations Representative Mikayla Mages took a position in favor of funding the volleyball team’s fan bus.

“I think Blazer athletics are great. And I think a lot of fans will take advantage of this,” she said.

Student Activities Representative Kimberly Vipond agreed.

“It’s a big accomplishment that they made it to this tournament,” she said.

Other senators expressed concern about funding an event without knowing the exact dollar amount. Allocations Chair Anne Burnes anticipated that fewer fans would take advantage of the bussing as the tournament conflicts with the Festival of Cultures held at CSB. Cultural Affairs Representative Julia Vang also had reservations about interest in fan bussing.

Sustainability Representative Stephanie Pinkalla proposed a compromise. She suggested allocating an arbitrary amount of $300, and then adjusting that amount after the volleyball team determines the exact figure needed. Treasurer Hollie Kroehler amended this slightly with the suggestion that the team be allocated $400.

“I think it would be helpful to them if we chose a number a little higher than what they actually need, and then they can return the funds they don’t use,” she said.

Finally, this motion was amended to allocate “under $400” to the Blazer volleyball team, with the intention of updating the motion after the exact amount needed is determined. The amendment passed 13-0.

The next meeting of the St. Ben’s Senate will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, in Gorecki 120.

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