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Mayor to students – be visionary, dream

Dear Editor,

I want to hear from you. With the end of the year approaching and knowing there will be turnover within the city’s boards and commissions, the city needs your help.

Steve Corn said, “Dreamers dream about the world being different, but visionaries envision themselves making a difference. Dreamers think about how nice it would be for something to be done. Visionaries look for an opportunity to do something.”

The dictionary definition of visionary describes such a person as having “vision or foresight,” but also says they are “dreamy,” “unrealistic” and “utopian.”

The dreamy might idly speculate that a park would be nice -and then take a nap. The visionary, though, would begin communicating the vision, get organized, make a plan and push what has been envisioned through the barriers – the costs, the apathy, the “it costs too much” or “nobody will want to bring their kids here” mentalities. Too often, the dreamy become fixated on the obstacles and freeze, without getting anything done. Here’s where the dream is tested, as it must be real enough for the visionary to follow.

We need dreamers and thinkers who will look at the world differently and come up with solutions to the problems and issues we face. We need new ideas, new ways of thinking about things, new processes to solve problems. We need that person in his garage working late into the night to come up with the next new technology. The person willing to start a new industry, employ a couple of dozen people and generate thousands in revenue. We need an army of them to help develop new concepts of governance, economic development, leadership and learning in our fast-paced, interconnected, and increasingly complex world.

A new year will soon begin, and a fresh start can be made, if you want to put in the effort.

Visionaries are leaders who make a difference and after all, that is what we’re all about- making a difference.

I challenge all of you to become involved. The city wants to hear from you.

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