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David Wax Museum


David Wax Museum is comprised of two musicians, David Wax and Suze Slezak. They are influenced by American and Latin American music cultures. | Courtesy of Bing Images

Combining Latin rhythms with indie folk is the signature sound of the David Wax Museum band.

The band began in 2007 when David Wax met Suz Slezak. Wax is a Harvard graduate with deep roots in Mexican and American music cultures, and Slezak was homeschooled who grew up studying many types of music. When the pair combined their styles, a unique sound was formed.

“The David Wax Museum struck me as a band that would engage campus as well at the community. Their music is intelligent,” Brian Jose, executive director of Fine Art Programming, said.

Jose saw the David Wax Museum while visiting New York City after reading an article in Paste Magazine about the band. The article is titled “10 bands you should see live before you die.” Jose was impressed with the band, but what struck him most was how interested the band is in the CSB/SJU community.

David Wax Museum performed a short set yesterday at Stickwork as a thank you to the volunteers who helped create the piece.

The band also worked with CSB/SJU music students yesterday afternoon. The students learned some of David Wax Museum’s music with the intent of the band inviting the students on stage with them on Friday.

The band will perform at 8 p.m. tonight in the Stephen B. Humphery Theatre. Student tickets can be purchased at the Box Office and cost $10. –“David Wax Museum is a great live band to experience. They are fun, interesting and engaging. I guarantee they will provide an excellent live performance,” Jose said.

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