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Dear Editor,

During my travels this past year, I was often asked which state I called home. I proudly replied that, “I am from the land of 10,000 lakes; Minnesota” (with a strong accent on the “O”).

Minnesota, named by the Dakota Tribe, literally means “the water that reflects the sky”. One world-renowned attraction of our state is a place to the north; a wilderness preserve called the Boundary Waters. This comprises of 1,098,058 acres and contains 1,000 of Minnesota’s famous 10,000 lakes, with pride held on the pristine condition of the wilderness of the area.

So what, you may ask, is the problem? Due to the economic hardships of towns near the Boundary Waters, there has been some consideration regarding the construction of sulfur mines. This type of mine, as the EPA states, is “one of the largest sources of toxic pollution in the United States”.

Sulfur mines use intense acquisition processes to extract desired metals embedded in the sulfuric rock, resulting in the byproduct of sulfuric acid. This acid then leaks into our waterways, forever damaging the ecosystem near the mine.

The Boundary Waters is a nationally protected wilderness area, but due to the dollar signs mining companies are showing to the locals, it is now in grave danger.

If you have not seen the beauty of the Boundary Waters, take my word for it: it is one of the most sublime places on earth. So please, sign the petitions for the construction of these mines located by the OLC, the HCC or the Offices of Sustainability. Or you can seek me out, I will be sure to have one.


Megan Coleman

CSB Junior

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