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CSB turns off the lights for contest

St. Ben’s turned off the lights this week in attempt to stamp out the competition in the Campus Conservation Nationals.

Campus Conservation Nationals is a nationwide electricity and water reduction competition. The CSB Office of Sustainability decided to involve the campus in the competition in order to promote further sustainable action here on campus.

Starting Feb. 6 and ending today, each week had a conservational theme. The first week was “Unplug It” week. During “Unplug It” week, students were advised to unplug their electronics while not using them in order to eliminate standby, or phantom power.

The second week was “Skip It/Cool It” week. During week two, students were encouraged to either skip water consuming activities or do so at a lower temperature. “Skip It/Cool It” week promoted students to only shower if they had to and only do laundry if they had full loads.

The third week was “Do It in the Dark” week. Many clubs and organizations on campus participated by doing their activities in the dark and saving lighting energy.

Sunday night Mass was held in candle light. Thursday evening zumba was done in the dark. In fact, Gorecki Dining Center even pledged to turn lights off during the day for the whole month of February.

The competition took place between each of the CSB residence halls. The residence hall that cut the greatest percentage of electricity consumed will win. To provide residents an incentive to participate, the winning hall will enjoy a spa day. The spa day, held on Sunday, Feb. 26, will include yoga, sauna, professional massages, lotion making and tea.

Intern for the CSB Sustainability Office Emily Reimer worked on the Campus Conservation Nationals event. She advertised sustainable events on campus as well as advocated student involvement.

“The competition is about people making decisions to save energy that will eventually form into habits,” Reimer said.

Saint John’s participated in two sustainability projects as well. Saint John’s is currently involved in KillAWatt and Recycle Mania, two sustainability programs of the same nature as Campus Conservation Nationals.

For CSB, the conservation competition draws to an end tonight with the Swing Cats dancing in the moonlight from 7-10 tonight in O’Connell’s.

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