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After we tossed the trays

In case you didn’t notice, this year Gorecki made the switch to a tray-free cafeteria, in order to cut back on water, soap, waste, and food production. Recently, CSB Culinary Services conducted a survey of over 200 students in th dining facilities at both campuses on their opinions regarding the switch away from trays.

The results showed an overwhelming support of the switch, with 84% of students in favor, seeing positive benefits to the change, and 10% in opposition.

Not only were most students in support of the change, many of them also discontinued their use of trays in facilities that still use them, with 56% making a change in their habits.

Finally, they survey found that students at CSB were more often in support of the shift than students at SJU, with about 87% of CSB students in favor and only about 73% of SJU students in favor of the switch.

While some students expressed that the lack of trays is an inconvenience in Gorecki, they were outnumbered by the amount of students in appreciation of the movement towards sustainability.

One way culinary services proposed in order to get more people to support the switch would be to show students how much waste has decreased in terms of a monetary value. CSB Culinary Services stated that “By seeing the amount of money saved students may be better able to understand exactly how efficient the program is and may be more convinced to go tray-less.”

One way students suggested to get more people on board with the change was for Gorecki to give students all of the old trays, and encourage them to use the trays for sledding instead of for food. If you have suggestions for Dining Services regarding the switch to a trayless cafeteria or other issues, let them know at:

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